Friday, July 3, 2009



How does a pair of innocent looking slipper can be soo dangerous to us? This post might sound funny but wait till you see this (a picture is worth a thousand words...).....

So, have you found anything weird or something that is quite familiar on the surface of this slipper? Well, lets see some other magnified one of this pic~(its quite easy to notice though...)

There are three things hidden in this picture. Firstly, the picture of a Mujahidin fighting with his serban, secondly and the most serious, the kalimah 'ALLAH'(its in the midlle of the circle); and thirdly, a picture of a soldier fighting with some kind of heavy looking weapon (Actually I'm still tring to figure out what is the third one is....).Just imagine, I bought this slipper at a supermarket in Ampang for a price of only RM 3.50 . I'm buyin it for the purpose of entering the toilet at my hostel . On the second day I wore this slipper, pus (you call it nanah in Bahasa >.Allah' on a toilet slipper is an act that is not toralable. The involvements of some high profile supermarket in distributing this slipper is very disappointing. For the sake of Allah, how could some slipper like this permitted to be sold in high scales at a very cheap price.Well, I really hope after reading this article, you as a Muslim will be more sensitive on what you buy or consume everyday. There are approximately more than 1.5 billion of Muslims in the world right now and if we can all use our consumer's power, the world's economy will be in our hand. Insya-allah.Wallahua'lam

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